Angular 2 and Above – Getting Started

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Many started asking me to create a project in angular 2 and above. I thought of creating a separate end to end with demo mainly focusing on angular 2 and above as it is a complete rewrite from the beginning.

Angular2 and above

Here there are more detailed information related to a complete picture of angular. You can see this without even understanding what angular is, as it is a full rewrite.

You can easily download source code using the folders that are visible everywhere throughout as shown below

angular2 source code

It is explained end to end by creating demo for each and every concept in a well defined manner by separating them as different parts


Want to proceed to this then kindly visit

Angular 2 and above

This project is completely open source and the source code can be taken from Github

Now the latest version of angular is angular 4. There are less changes between 2 and 4. So once you read 2 then adding few items on top will make you understand angular 4 easily. So make sure that you read angular 2 before moving to angular 4. This is not a prerequisite for angular 2 as it is a complete rewrite from scratch using typescript.

The tutorial is mainly focused for beginners. Kindly stay tuned for more and more advanced concepts. I can assure you that angular will develop faster and so we are. We will give you always the latest and highly stable and working examples to make you better understand the concepts.

I would like to end with the simple line, “What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up!!” this is suitable even for learning. All the best and have a great day ahead.

link to angular 2 and above getting started


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