Apple iPhone 7 hit or flop?

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After the release of the most awaited device of the year, apple was not able to grab the attentions of investors.

As the days passed the stocks of apple has seen the downfall. This incident has really put us all into doubt will this be a great phone or the company will see another downfall?
Just in case you missed out the launch even let’s see what apple has given to world:


Apple claims that it has brought many changes in the devices, but the fact is that these changes were already implemented by other bands. So definitely this is not new change, may be it’s the big change in iPhone devices.


The fact is that apple is just finding out the way to survive with the karaoke and by building the hype and excitement. We need to figure out the company’s performance. Be smart and wait for the market and the reviews.

“Large investments are not made on phones until you get something unique”


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