Creating Android Client for Personal Email

28 Aug by vichu

Creating Android Client for Personal Email

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This is one of the most needed thing that need to be done for any person who holds a custom mail with custom domain (like How to sync those mails with your android phone? Here I show you how to do that.

Steps to be done:

Before going into this document make sure that you have configured a mail ID for your domain and you have your server details

If you are done then here we go

  • Open GMAIL app from your Android Mobile
  • Open SETTINGS tab
  • Select ADD ACCOUNT
  • Select OTHERS in the list of available items
  • Give your configured DOMAIN EMAIL ID


  • Select what type of mail id that you have POP3 or IMAP
  • Give your PASSWORD that you set in your domain
  • Now configure INCOMING SERVER SETTINGS. Type your server details, port details, and security type.
  • Now configure OUTGOING SERVER SETTINGS. Type your SMTP SERVER configuration, port and security type.
  • Now you are ready to get Emails in your mobile itself.

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