Flash Light of your mobile phone can make hackers to steal your data

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There’s a new security report in town and for change it’s not connected with Xiaomi in any way, and comes out as a bigger threat than what we’ve heard till now. According to this report, the flashlight that you’re using on the smartphone is the next target for hackers in order to steal data from your device.

This report from SnoopWall has been formed out of their own analysis wherein 10 popular cross-platform flashlight apps were put to test, and the resulting conclusion seems rather scary. For an app that’s just a flashlight, it seems to be taking a lot more information from your device that needed. 

Further, the report adds that some of the apps in use are been designed in a way to expose your information to cyber criminals. All this clearly points to the obvious fact that mobile banking on any device with a flashlight app is not safe. So basically, what they’re trying to tell you is, uninstall the app, without thinking twice.

Other than highlighting the dangers that the app poses, the report manages to short list few to-do’s that will minimize the risk of data theft and even prevent it in some cases. Turn off all your connectivity features on the phone; Bluetooth, NFC and even GPS and they’ve even given you legitimate reasons for doing so. The threat is mostly observed with third-party flashlight applications, and not your native apps that come pre-loaded on your device.

After hearing this would you really go ahead and remove an app, as useful as the flashlight from your phone? Let us know about your feelings below.

Source: www.snoopwall.com, independent.co.uk
Report link: report-from-snoopwall

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