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The let-go attitude citizens of our home have forgotten the fact that a spark of matchstick could cause forest flames. You come home after a tiring day and find that you are served with tea which has lost its characteristic hotness. Will you leave this as such until the entire household becomes a mess!! Gone are the days when people hailed the netas. Today we neither have god hearted netas nor do we have citizens who hail netas for their good deeds.


India has many non directed pipelines in which we have citizens getting flooded with just no thoughts to direct the pipelines to proper destination. This has become a country where people hail the stars like Rajnikanth and Shah rukh khan for nothing that those stars have contributed or sacrificed but forget great mean like Abdul Kalam sir who always thought and contributed for the betterment of our nation. Many in our nation think that a mild critical comment is an act of deshdroh!! If those are the deshadrohis then how to call the people who sits there like a couch potato?? It is up a notch level that we place the misplaced things like to change the useless black and white photography challenge to a ‘Plant a sapling‘ challenge.. It is high time that we youngsters stop ourselves from becoming like an isolated species of an island.


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