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Wakie, The social alarm clock that lets you wake up strangers.

Wakie making people connected. Check this conversation:

“Hey there, I’m just calling to wake you up,” I said a little awkwardly.

“Thanks. Where are you from?” replied a female voice with a thick Irish accent.

“The UK. You’re from Ireland, right?”

“How could you tell?” she said wryly.

“The flag at the top of the screen.”

It took 9 months to be approved, but, Wakie — the ‘social alarm clock’ that lets you wake up (and be woken up by) strangers — has finally arrived on iOS. Launched originally in Russia as a website back in 2011, before being rebuilt and debuting on Windows Phone and Android earlier this year, the app is designed to replace your phone’s alarm clock with a call from a real person: Namely, another member of the Wakie community.

For those who want to be woken up — dubbed ‘Sleepyheads’ — Wakie works in a similar way to any other alarm clock. You simply set the time and day you want the alarm to go off. However, when it’s time to be woken up, the app anonymously connects you to a call from another user. You then get around a minute to talk and be woken up. If no ‘Wakie’ is available, the app will play an automated message instead.

Testing Wakie-Are you awake now?

Presently, the users in India can only register to wake up people and not actually get wakeup calls for now. 

For details visit :Wakie
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