Lovers prefer government jobs than working in IT industry

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Few years back when I was doing my schooling I found the same topic in REVERSE i.e., during that time the trend is like “Lovers preferred IT industry”. There are various reasons that come up in mind for preferring IT industry, few items are

  • White Collar Job
  • Your pay will increase exponentially as you grow
  • Foreign trips
  • Finally, this is the most important item of all for more young men “Will see more beautiful girls!!”

Nowadays this trend got totally upside down, why?
We went and asked about this in an IT hub (there are many IT companies present in a single hub), Chennai. We found more unbelievable answers from the people in IT industry.
One important item is “Even people in IT industry preferred government jobs over IT”. We got really shocked from this. We asked them why? Few of their comments are

  • You won’t get more money as a fresher. Roughly your income is between 10k and 25k. (There are exceptions). You need to look well cultured person inside IT corridor. For that this income is not sufficient. The increment after the first year will be roughly between 500 and 1000 and definitely your rating will be “Still in Training”. This is not the life of a government employee where your life is SETTLED. Will get constant increments and also secured job. Even if you are not there your family will at least get pension.
  • Will take 5 to 10 years to get your life settled in IT industry whereas it just an exam that decides your settlement for government job.

We asked this question to couples and this is their reply,

  • A couple was standing and we asked them about this, in that the guy answered, “Both of us are 23 years old now, working in an IT industry. Our monthly income is 22k. I love her and want to marry her within next few years. We both are from different caste. We don’t like to marry without our parent permission. All parents want their daughter to marry a guy with higher income. We both are in same age now and will take some time to get settled. But her parents won’t accept that much time. Now the only thing in my mind is to search a government job. I wrote my prelims UPSC 2016 and waiting for its result”. – We really got shocked after hearing this.
  • Another girl came up and answered, “Me and my guy worked in the same company as like them and got the same problem. He understood the situation and quit our company. He is currently in Delhi for UPSC training. He changed his ambition from an IT to IAS” – This is extraordinary.

The comments tell that in inter-caste marriage the urge of getting your life settled is a lot. When I talked about this with my parents my mom said –

“During our time (20years back), we never thought of life settlement. Things happened as like that. Nowadays people are going a lot behind money and marry their daughters with a person who has more income. A guy who is rich in attitude doesn’t need to be rich in wealth” she added.


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