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Lets talk about the performance of the phone which we analyze in day today life.

Most of the companies claim that their product is the best performing phone in their period which helps them to out stand the competition.

We have to look upon the same claim a year later.
Is your device the same, is it able to give the same performance after a year with the average usage?

We blindly compare the phones with the competitors in the market, but we neglect the long term watch.
An average user keeps their phone for 2 years and then buy’s a new one.

Why don’t we understand the fact that these companies keep on growing because of these performance issues.
We need speed and we need it the same way regularly.

So we choose the smart phone based on the performance promises that company gives, remember the company never claimed that the speed will remain the same in next year too.

So its our decision and our thinking what decisions can be made.

One may compare apple with the phones having 4GB RAM or 6GB RAM, but the apple devices are meant for the long term investments on the performance while the others fall out after 1 year.

We should have realized the same things are this way only.

So guys stop taking decisions based on the initial release rather go deeper about the company and the users feedback.


Your money 
Your Decisions and
Your Choice
Be futuristic, smart, and walk longer.


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