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Angular 2 and Above – Getting Started

Reading Time: 2 minutesMany started asking me to create a project in angular 2 and above. I thought of creating a separate end to end with demo mainly focusing on angular 2 and above as it is a complete rewrite from the beginning. Here there are more detailed information related to a complete picture of angular. You can […]
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ToDo List Application using AngularJS

Reading Time: 6 minutesHere we go! A simple “ToDo List” application in Angularjs. This tutorial mainly concentrate for beginners in AngularJS. Here we go!! Here is a video tutorial for that. It has first demo alone for second demo please read the blog. 🙂 This is the full application which we gonna develop. Lets start understanding like how to build […]
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What is Unit Testing and Why in Angularjs?

Reading Time: 4 minutesUnit testing is the concept of taking a single function or part of our code, and writing assertions and tests to ensure that it works as intended. While very common on the server side, we often find the habit of writing unit tests amiss when developing clientside applications. Here are five reasons why we should […]
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Frequently asked questions in AngularJS (For Intermediates who already knows Angular)

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat is DIRTY CHECKING in AngularJS and how it works? Angular has a concept of ‘digest cycle’. You can consider it as a loop. In which Angular checks if there are any changes to all the variables watched by all the $scopes(internally $watch() and $apply() functions are getting bonded with each variable defined under $scope). […]
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Hello World in AngularJS

Reading Time: 2 minutesLets take the first example in nearly every programming language for every programmer, HELLO WORLD!!.. As I prefer calling my name instead of world, I am going to display this message little interactive by printing your name instead of traditional world. Hope you enjoy the first example of AngularJS. For this, we will have an input […]
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Introduction to AngularJS

Reading Time: 2 minutesAngularJS is a superheroic JavaScript MVC framework for the Web. We call it super‐ heroic because AngularJS does so much for us that we only have to focus on our core application and let AngularJS take care of everything else. It allows us to apply standard, tried-and-tested software engineering practices traditionally used on the server […]