Turing Phone Cadenza

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Phone with Lappie Specs. Truly Future is now.

Its announced and the eyeballs are still wobbling, How can a phone have 256 GB of internal memory and 256 GB of external support, a total of whooping 1TB. Stop wondering guys still the specifications are not revealed yet. A dual 6 GB RAM summing to 12 GB, yes you heard it right 12 GB of RAM.
Its not over yet 60MP rear Camera and 20MP front camera, nailing in the photography divison too.

A quad SIM enabled device is powered by snapdragon not less than 830.
The beast is stuffed with dual technology battery one with fuel cell technology and the other is the graphene.
It runs on Sailfish OS, making it more secure and more believable.



In his company’s announcement, Turing CEO and chief architect Steve Chao writes, “It is our belief that we can disrupt the status quo by bringing the Turing Phone Cadenza from the future to the present.” The company did not disclose further particulars, such as the price or the launch date, merely writing cryptically, “Launch in 2017.”

Source: GeekTime


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