With just 36 Rs (< $1) we can ride a bike till 400 kms !!

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A student from Tamil Nadu (India) recently discovered a new bike model that can run almost 400 kms with just 36 Rs.

The main concept of this bike is similar to that of ELECTRIC BIKE, but the equipment that was used is slightly different which made the bike to run that much kilometers with just 3 hours of electic power.

The new bike that was invented by this person is having many advantages, few are

1. Pollution free – As it runs from a motor that doesn’t consume any fuel

2. Solar bike – It has an option of running from the power of sun

3. Speed – It goes to a maximum of 75 km/hr ( It is much higher when compared with other electric bikes)

4. GPS – It has a live GPS system that tells the user where they are and also helps in routing purpose

5. Temperature – It can give a live detail of your weather conditions and also it has a touch screen speedometer.

For more details: Watch this video :

Source : Thandi TV
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